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AA – Danny D, El Segundo, CA
AA – Alison C, Santa Barbara, CA
AA – Matt F, Graham, WA
AA – Bill P, Pasco, WA
AFG – Cherie F, Graham, WA

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS (Subject to change. Check back for any changes)

Time DateEventLocation
1:00PMMay 11th2018 Event Registration OpensLobby
2:30PMMay 11thThe Zero Step PanelBallroom
4:00PMMay 11thEarly AA History PresentationBallroom
6:00PMMay 11thThe Doctor's Opinion WorkshopBallroom
7:15PMMay 11thOpening CeremoniesBallroom
7:30PMMay 11th“You can hear just about anything in an A.A. meeting” a short play written for our Roundup.Ballroom
8:00PMMay 11thAA TalkBallroom
8:30AMMay 12thPersonal Inventory Work GroupBallroom
10:30AMMay 12thAA TalkBallroom
11:45AMMay 12thBreak for "Feed Yourself Lunch"
1:30PMMay 12thAl-Anon TalkBallroom
3:00PMMay 12thRelationships & The Traditions - WorkshopBallroom
6:00PMMay 12thDinnerBallroom
7:30PMMay 12thAA Talk - Danny D.Ballroom
8:45PMMay 12thRaffleBallroom
8:00AMMay 13thSpiritual BreakfastBallroom
9:00AMMay 13thCorrections PanelBallroom
10:15AMMay 13thAA Talk - Spirituality from the Twelfth StepBallroom
11:30AMMay 13thCountdown, TV Drawing & Closing CeremoniesBallroom
NoonPMMay 13th2018 Event ClosedBallroom